We are Teatro Metaphora

A little bit about us

Teatro Metaphora – Associação de Amigos das Artes is a non-profit association, which was founded in 2009 on Madeira island, Portugal. Since then, the organization develops cultural, educational, and environmental activities for the benefit of the community’s development.

The organization’s activities are an essential part of the overall strategy for Madeira to be a creative community, and the organization itself a meeting point for innovation and change, aimed at strengthening the excellence of our island.

Press mentions

Our works and projects are frequently featured in various media.

Here you can find some interviews, news about our activities and important moments.

Awards, recognition

In 2019 our long-term initiative Green Steps was recognized by the European Commission winning The European Sustainability Award.

In the same year, we won the Gulbenkian Sustainability Prize.

Main areas of our activities


Engaging locals, hosting and sending volunteers [more… ]


Giving various workshops for different groups in Madeira [more… ]

Green steps

Artistic, environmental and educational activities [more… ]

Street art projects

Upcycling things and using trash to make art [more… ]


Theatre plays and theatre of the oppressed activities [more… ]

International projects

Hosting and sending organisation in various programmes [more… ]

Learn more from our resources


Our new works

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