Teatro Metaphora is a non-profit association whose purpose is to organize cultural and educational activities for the benefit of the community’s development. Our objectives are to develop the social and personal competencies of children, youth, and adults through non-formal education principles.

In 2019, we were recognized by European Commission winning “The European Sustainability Award”. This award had no monetary prize.

GREEN STEPS – is a long-term environmental-artistic project in which the community, especially youth are activated towards environmental protection in an innovative and creative way by collecting urban waste and transforming it into art pieces. 

Brussels, 08/04/2019 Sustainable Europe 2030
Pix: Stefano Manservisi Credit: Eric Vidal / EC
Gulbenkian Sustainability Prize 2019
© Márcia Lessa

In the same year, we received from the hands of the President of the Republic of Portugal a national award, the Gulbenkian Prize for Sustainability, for being considered a reference as a youth organization that promotes ecological behaviours and raises awareness for sustainable development.

2019 Gulbenkian Prizes winners

The Green Steps installations have already been exhibited in mainland Portugal and abroad: e.g. the Amsterdam Light Festival 2018-2019.

Green Steps – SALTO Awards 2021 finalist and winner in the Environment & Climate Action nomination

We endorse the Basque Declaration.

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